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Zhongshan Mester Industry Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Mester Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufactory specializing in researching, developing and manufacturing innovation small home appliances. We own Chinese famous branding of soup maker products. Up to now, we have developed three serial home appliances including to kitchen appliances, water appliances and garment appliances.
Mester's products are sold well in worldwide. We keep the stable business relationships with many world’s leading chain stores and famous brands. 
As an ISO9001 certified company, Mester is highly focused on quality control, on time delivery, cost control, provision of innovative and tailored products and good service to attain customers’ satisfaction and maintain a win-win partnership. Most of our products with GS/CE,ETL,CB and CCC approved and RoHS compliant.
To keep our advantage in the industry, we registered technology and design patent for our products and keep improving our quality and production efficiency. The in-house Tooling Workshop, Metal Workshop, Plastic Injection Workshop,PCB Workdhop, Motor Workshop and more than 500 workers can enable our advanced productivity.
Repeating orders by our clients is the best proof that we have matched their demands in terms of quality and reliability. Come and find out how you will enjoy working with Mester.
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